Strut & Rut Strut & Rut
2345 St. Paul's Church Road
Arenzville, IL 62611
(217) 473-0289
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Welcome to Strut & Rut!
"It's not a job, it's our life!"

The Strut & Rut manages prime white-tail deer and turkey habitat for trophy hunting on approximately 4000 acres of our privately owned hunting ground. We only harvest does and trophy bucks on our properties. A majority of the land is reserved for archery hunting only, thus allowing excellent opportunity for late season hunters. All of the Strut & Rut ground is pre-scouted. We have several stands in place, however, hunters are also welcome to bring their own. It should also be noted that there are no poisonous snakes on our properties.

Farmland of corn, beans, clover and alfalfa interspersed with woodland creates abundant cover. Shrubbery, consisting of choke berry, hazelnut and American plum, have been planted on the edges of the fields. These shrubs produce nuts which supplement the diet of the deer. They also provide a thicket for the wildlife. A portion of the Strut & Rut property is enrolled in the Timber Stand Improvement Program through the Illinois Department of Natural Resources (IDNR) which results in a greater production of nut-bearing trees thus enhancing the development of trophy white-tail deer and wild turkey.

Additional land is part of the volunteer Illinois Acres for Wildlife Program through the IDNR. The land is burned each spring to rid it of undesirable vegetation such as hedge and locust while allowing the desirable vegetation room to grow. We frequently consult with an Illinois state wildlife biologist and state forester for the preservation and improvement of wildlife habitat.

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